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From left to right:

Jonathan Fontaine (Guitar and backing vocals)
Jérémy Racine (Drum and backing vocals)
Maude Théberge (Vocals and keyboard)
Marc Gervais (Bass and backing vocals)
Alexandre Lépine (Guitar and backing vocals)

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Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Sanguine Glacialis has shared the stage with international acts such as Dark Tranquility, Carach Angren, The Agonist, Omnium Gatherum, Delain, Hammerfall, Unexpect, Necronomicon and many more. 


Everything started at the end of 2010, when a group of music students from decided to start a band that mixes all their various influences with metal. The debut album, Dancing with a Hanged Man, was recorded, mixed and mastered at Silver Wings Studios and released in 2012. The band supported this release by touring the provinces of Quebec, Ontario and the Maritimes. 


The band released their following EP Pitch Black Sight in 2016, and announced that it would be their last show. All members left to pursue personal projects, except Maude, keyboardist and singer, who wanted to keep the band alive. 


With the blessing of the past members, Maude found new musicians to complete the line-up, and so the band released the single Oblivion Whispers, recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson, in 2017. They then released their second album Hadopelagic in 2018, again recorded, mixed and mastered by Christian Donaldson. The band supported the release of the album through several concerts in Eastern Canada again, playing for local Festivals and opening for international acts. 


In March 2020, just before the pandemic, Maude appeared on the show Tout le monde en parle, the biggest talk show in Quebec, to talk about the band and the FestEvil festival. 


The band is currently in the process of composing the third album.

Without darkness there can be no light. Sanguine Glacialis have stared into the very blackest pit, and, inspired by what they saw there, forged sonic masterpieces of the darkest beauty. It's not surprising that their name means “Frozen Blood” in Latin!

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